About Us

Bleed Green is the epicenter for the Philadelphia sports fan that bleeds with fervor and diehard love, deep down inside, for our team.  When you wear or use our “Bleed Green” merchandise, you have taken your love for our team to the next level of passion because this is an Exclusive Club in itself.  It’s easy for many people to grab a team jersey or hat to slap on from your local Walmart, Target, or even online because they’re going to a game, party, or function. Look at all of the jerseys, sweatshirts and hats worn on any given Sunday at the stadium. How many of these fans are actually diehard and Bleed Green?  Chances are that several of them have NO knowledge about the team record, players, stats, history…etc.  They are fair-weather fans jumping on the bandwagon or they simply want to fit in.  

NOW YOU!!!  You’ve already furthered your fandom by visiting our website.

When you wear BLEED GREEN, everyone knows that you are in an Exclusive Club that many wish they could be a part of, but your wisdom and insight dictates your worthiness of Bleed Green merchandise.  There’s no question about your allegiance or grit:  It’s “in your face” devotion!  One would speculate that you could spew covert team information for hours.  Heck, you could be an honorary sportscaster with your exceptional knowledge.  You have gone beyond the typical fan that wears or uses the typical logos…YOU HAVE JOINED THE BLEED GREEN CLUB OF THE GOLD STANDARD OF REVERENCE AND WORSHIP!!

  • Bleed Green is trademarked and cannot be sold or used anywhere but here.  If you purchase or see BLEED GREEN merchandise being sold or distributed anywhere else, it is illegal and infringement, and legal action will be taken at the highest level!

Thank you, Bleed Green Team